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What if there is a lien on the vehicle?2017-05-08T17:41:21+00:00

A vehicle can have title from a traditional lender such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America or Chase. Vehicle financing from manufacturer can also cloud a title such as GMAC, Ford Credit, Toyota Financial or BMW Financial Services. We can work with these institutions to obtain a lien release.

We have also worked with credit unions on car title processing, lien mitigation, and lien releases.

If you have a vehicle where the lender has gone out of business and can not provide a lien release our lien mitigation department can handle this.

Secondary lenders such as Americredit, Credit Acceptance, or Westlake Dealer Finance may have a lien on the car title. Dealer finance or title pawn loans may be in place and need to be cleared prior to title being issued.

Floor plan title lien – A floor plan lender may need to get a title based on a dealership being out of trust on their inventory pay down, or having become insolvent.

What constitutes a Bill of Sale?2017-05-08T17:41:21+00:00

A valid bill of sale will have at least the following elements:
• Names of buyer and seller
• Correct and complete vehicle identification number (VIN)
• Year, make and model of the vehicle
• Date of transfer
• Sale price amount, trade vehicle, or specification as “gift”
• Signature of the seller. For some type of title recovery processes the seller’s signature will be notarized.

What if there is a past due registration?2017-05-08T17:41:21+00:00

A vehicle whose registration has lapsed may have past due registration fees, and late penalties. If the vehicle is remaining to be titled in the same state where the registration is lapsed those fees may still be due even if the vehicle is changing ownership.

Will I need to pay sales tax?2017-05-08T17:41:21+00:00

A vehicle transfer may be a taxable event. If the buyer has not paid taxes on their prior vehicle purchase, those taxes may be due prior to a title being issued. Prior transfers (jumped title) upon which taxes have not been paid may still have been taxable events. Those taxes may not be required as payable prior to a title being issued, but may still be due and liable to owners in the chain. When a title recovery or bonded title is processed, only the most current transfer is being processed and potentially creating a sales tax liability. A title recovery should not be used to evade sales tax due. Any taxes due are the responsibility of the buyer unless some other arrangement was made between the buyer and seller. A vehicle owner who uses the titling process to avoid a valid sales tax liability may be subject to penalties.

What is CarFax?2016-08-03T01:31:37+00:00

CarFax can report the existence of prior registrations or insurance claims on a vehicle. It reports any information that the company has obtained from insurance companies. It does not report if a vehicle is stolen, has any liens, or repairs made by the owner.

What is the DPPA?2017-05-08T17:41:21+00:00

The Driver’s Privacy Protection Act is a Federal law which prohibits the release of vehicle ownership information to third parties. It is designed to protect the privacy of a vehicle owner, so that their address and personal information about where they live can not be obtained with a license plate number or VIN#.

Do you work with corporate accounts?2017-05-08T17:41:21+00:00

If you are an auction company, dealership, lender, or manufacturer we have a corporate client services division. You can contact us at 866-568-4853 ext. 700.

Can I get the title for the vehicle on my own?2017-05-08T17:41:22+00:00

Yes, in many cases there is a way for you to get your own title without cost. Call us and we will advise you for free on how you can get your own title if possible.

Are there any vehicles for which you can not get me a title?2017-05-08T17:41:22+00:00

If the vehicle is a stolen vehicle you will not receive a title. Some vehicles that were were never titled in the US may not be eligible for a title or would have a cost that would be too excessive to be worth pursuing based on the value of the vehicle.

How long does it take to get a title?2017-05-08T17:41:22+00:00

The average time for the title to be issued is 28 business days. Depending on the circumstances, it may take a few days, or up to a few weeks. We will give you a closer turnaround time when the car info is received.

Will the vehicle require an inspection?2017-05-08T17:41:22+00:00

Normally there is no vehicle inspection required to have the title issued. In some cases a VIN# verification is part of the process.

What state will the title be issued from?2017-05-08T17:41:22+00:00

Our title processing will process the title application first from the state you request. In some cases the title may be issued from another state based on the history of the vehicle, but it will be issued in your name and fully transferable to your state.

Will the title be a salvage title?2017-05-08T17:41:22+00:00

No new salvage title designation will be added to the car title. If the title had a previous salvage title designation, or rebuilt title, the new title will be issued with no changes.

What if the title has a lien on it?2017-05-08T17:41:22+00:00

We have a full lien mitigation department which directly accesses the lender to determine the process to remove all liens and claims prior to the clear title being issued to you.

What type of title will be provided?2017-05-08T17:41:22+00:00

The title will be a clear title in your name.

What information do I need to obtain a replacement title?2017-05-08T17:41:22+00:00

You will need the vehicle identification number (V.I.N.) or hull identification number. The year and model of the car, and new owners name is needed to process the title. In some cases, we may also need the car weight or GVW.

How much does the replacement title cost?2016-08-01T22:49:03+00:00

Each case is unique. Please contact us for pricing specific to your situation.

Can you get a title for an abandoned car without a title?2017-05-08T17:41:22+00:00

Yes, send the information on the form or contact us at 866-56-TITLE (866-568-4853), and we will contact you immediately.

Can you get a title in any state?2017-05-08T17:41:22+00:00

We have title processing in all 50 states. Our main operations offices are as follows: 866-56-TITLE (866-568-4853)

Can you get me a title for a repossessed car without a title?2017-05-08T17:41:22+00:00

Yes, repossessions are a common reason for a title recovery.

Can you get a replacement title for a damaged title?2017-05-08T17:41:22+00:00

Yes. If you have a damaged title it may make the process easier.

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