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YES, You Can Get A Title For Your Vehicle

You need to get a title for your vehicle. Maybe you purchased it and did not receive a title. Maybe you paid off a loan and did not receive it from the bank. Maybe the title was lost before you put it into your name. In any scenario, there is a method for you to get a title. Every scenario has a process described in detail on this website. All of the forms, documents directions, and instructional videos are listed below. You can do any of these filings yourself, or have the option to have all of the documents located and prepared at your convenience for a flat fee of $69.

Title Orders Call 866-568-4853

Title Orders Call 866-568-4853

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Select One of the Following Options:

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  •  Duplicate Title
  •  Bill of Sale Only
  •  Lien Release
  •  Bonded Title
  •  Abandoned Vehicle
  •  Salvage Title
  •  Deceased Owner
  •  Non-repairable title
  •  Contact Prior Owner
  •  $69 Flat Fee

Title Orders Call

Get A Replacement Car Title

Title Orders Call 866-568-4853!

The DMV is an expert at rejecting titles.
We are experts at getting them approved!

We Have Served Over 1,000,000 Title Clients!

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