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Certificate of Destruction Non-Repairable Titles

There are thousands of vehicles sold each week through Copart, IAAI, and other salvage auction sources. These vehicles represent potential to purchase late model vehicles at significant discounted prices.

When a vehicle is purchased under a certificate of destruction or non-repairable title, there are severe restrictions on re-titling the vehicle or registering the vehicle. In some cases, there may be a possibility to title the vehicle under certain conditions. The following documents and instructions are available for processing through Kentucky. You can verify that this would be appropriate for your specific scenario.

Out-of-State Vehicles with Junking Certificate/Unrebuildable Title/Certificates of Destruction/Non-Repairable or Scrap Documents

Any vehicle that has an out-of-state junking certificate or an unrebuildable title that is on a secure document must obtain a Kentucky Salvage Title before applying through the rebuilt procedure. Speed titles are not allowed for these vehicles.

The following documents and information are required: (All forms highlighted in blue are downloadable simply by clicking on them. Highlighted words will direct you to that specified section.)

  • Original Secure Document of Title
  • Application for Kentucky Certificate/Registration (TC96-182) Form must be signed by seller and buyer and notarized. Power of Attorney document required when POA signs. Note-Titles that contain AND or do not have a designation between names of owners require both signatures of those listed. OR or AND/OR only require the signature of one.
  • Submit two photographs of the vehicle showing the damage
  • Submit two estimates (signed and notarized) from separate body shops stating the cost of parts and labor to restore the vehicle
  • A metal plate must be attached to the driver’s door opening stating: Rebuilt Vehicle May Not Be Eligible For Title In All States-The plate may be obtained from Kentucky Auto Truck Recyclers Association (Tom Underwood) for a fee of $5.00. Phone number (502) 223-5322.
  • Once the customer receives the Kentucky Salvage Title, they may proceed with the Rebuilt Process. Please see the Rebuilt Vehicle section below.
  • Bullitt County Clerk’s Office accepts Cash, Personal Check, Money Order or Certified Check. The office does accept Visa, MasterCard and Debit. However, to process using a Credit/Debit Card, an additional processing fee is charged. Contact county clerk’s office for details. Credit/Debit Cards cannot be used over the phone.

If you have a salvage title, certificate of destruction, or other branded title, be sure to follow all applicable Federal Laws on title branding.

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