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Beware of Companies Using Mechanics Lien to Get Replacement Titles

At, we always use 100% researched and legal methods to get your replacement title. Companies using methods that they may or may not be aware are illegal will end up getting you into trouble. Here's an example of why it's important to trust our expertise and experience: Recently, we have been made aware that the "mechanics lien" process is being offered as a solution to vehicle owners who have titling problems. While there are legitimate processes available for vehicle owners to recover titles, the mechanics lien process is not intended to obtain a title for a person in possession of [...]

We can handle your situation…

If you have any question whether we can obtain a replacement title for you, contact us at 866-56-TITLE (866-568-4853) for a free review of your specific case. We have experience with all the following situations, and more. Abandoned: If the vehicle is abandoned by the owner the title can be obtained for the new owner. Impounded: If your vehicle is impounded and you need the car title to release the vehicle, contact us as soon as possible since your vehicle may be accruing storage fees. If you are purchasing an impounded vehicle contact us to find out what specific paperwork you [...]

Information Regarding Mechanics Liens

For a licensed repair facility or towing company which has legitimately taken possession voluntarily or legally, there is a process for the company to obtain a title for the purpose of disposing of the vehicle. The process involves 4 steps: 1. Present a valid automotive business license along with a repair order signed by the vehicle owner, or legal towing affidavit. 2. Attempt to contact the prior owner and any lienholder by certified mail for a period of 30 - 90 days. 3. Advertise and publicize for 4 consecutive weeks in the legal newspaper a notice of public auction to [...]

What Are The Different Types of Car Titles?

There are several different title types. We will give a brief description of the various types here. Certificate of origin - This is the first title document issued by the vehicle manufacturer to the franchised dealer where the vehicle was delivered to. This document is used to transfer the vehicle to the first owner, and obtain title. Manufacturer's statement of origin - This is similar to a certificate of origin used by some vehicle manufacturers import or domestic. Clear title - When a title is issued to an owner with no lien specified the title is clear. Salvage title [...]