Vehicle Title Brands: The Certificate of Destruction, Salvage, Rebuild, or Non-Repairable Title eBook

  • Branded title process ebook
  • How to process a new title
  • 1000 pages
  • Covers all 50 states
  • Salvage titles
  • Rebuilt titles
  • Certificate of destruction
  • Non-repairable
  • Copart cars
  • Federal and State laws
  • Inspection requirements
  • States with fewer requirements
  • All forms and checklists provided
  • Download instantly

Thousands of vehicles are branded salvage, rebuild, or non-repairable every day by insurance companies after a damage event. Most of these vehicles are fully functioning and driveable, and many others are easily repaired.

All 50 states have a branding and labeling process within their DMV which requires certain steps to be followed to reuse a branded vehicle. The process is not made obvious, and often not even disclosed to the public in a conspicuous manner.

Even asking DMV personnel directly can result in different answers, often incorrect.

Within this manual; you will find the process, description, and forms for every salvage vehicle imaginable. It is very important to follow the steps very carefully. The most common reason for a rejected title application is missing one small step or document. If you carefully and correctly follow the guidelines for processing the title, it will result in obtaining the legal ownership documentation you deserve.

Be sure to review all the states, to find the one process which is best for your particular scenario. Do not give up, keep working to follow through the process so that you have a safe and legal vehicle to own or sell.