$69 Flat Fee

/$69 Flat Fee
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The CarTitles.com $69 Flat Fee

Any method to get a title for your vehicle can be a do-it-yourself process. All of the forms, documents, information, and instructions are located on this website.

As a convenience, we offer a $69 flat fee service to locate and fill out the forms for your vehicle.at your specific request. If you select this option, we will complete the documents necessary for the filing on your vehicle. The service includes the following:

  • Select and pull the forms needed for filing
  • Complete the entry of information onto the forms, such as VIN#, owner name, etc.
  • Calculate the exact fees and taxes for the DMV filing
  • Run a VIN# validation to determine accuracy
  • Check title history for location or title
  • Check title history for reported stolen
  • Check title history for title brands (salvage, rebuilt, etc)
  • Calculate lien probability score
  • Forward necessary documents to you for signature
  • Provide checklist of items for filing (bill of sale, VIN photo, notary, etc)

In addition, should the filing be rejected for any reason, we will prepare another set of documents at no charge for any other process listed on the site. This gives you a “Plan B” in case your title is rejected for any reason.

Lien score is calculated on a scale of 0% – 100% using third party reported lien records, year of vehicle, title flip history, and reported activity. It is not a certain determination of lien or amount, but provides a guideline of the probability that a lien exists on title, even if the loan is paid.

Title history results are limited to records reported to private records sources, and are sometimes incomplete. VIn validation looks at the characters and check digit to discover errors on typing, or inconsistencies with the VIN#.

Fees for title application, taxes, registration fees, title bond, insurance, or other outside costs are paid by the client directly to the sources.