How To Get A Replacement Car Title

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In this video we talk about getting a replacement car title for your vehicle. If you have a vehicle and you don't have a title it may be difficult to sell the car, register, or even insure in some cases. We discuss the different scenarios of how you may have a vehicle without a title, [...]

We can handle your title situation…

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If you have any question whether we can obtain a replacement car title for you, contact us at 256-44-TITLE (256-448-4853) for a free review of your specific case. We have experience with all the following situations, and more. Abandoned Vehicles: If the vehicle is abandoned by the owner the title can be obtained for the new owner. [...]

Information Regarding Mechanics Liens

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For a licensed repair facility or towing company which has legitimately taken possession voluntarily or legally, there is a process for the company to obtain a title for the purpose of disposing of the vehicle. The process involves 4 steps: 1. Present a valid automotive business license along with a repair order signed by the [...]

What Are The Different Car Title Types?

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There are several different car title types. We will give a brief description of the various types here. Certificate of origin This is the first title document issued by the vehicle manufacturer to the franchised dealer where the vehicle was delivered to. This document is used to transfer the vehicle to the first owner, and [...]